Cloud Solutions

Migrate, Build and Optimize

Embrace the cloud, accelerate innovation and achieve greater efficiency to unlock new business value. Our secure cloud architecture, cloud platforms, containerized applications and legacy application modernization solutions address challenges holding agencies back from meeting their mission.

  • We assess future state requirements to optimize your system for evolving needs and requirements.
  • Our Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process uses cloud-native tools to streamline delivery and decrease the implementation lead time of new features.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and improve security, with modernization solutions led by experts in technology agnostic, multi-cloud environments.
  • We design with security in mind to meet mandates now while enhancing your posture to address future threats.

Solutions for Your Cloud Journey

From migration to serverless our solutions support you in every step of your cloud strategy to unlock new business value. Based on reusable assets developed by our Karsun Innovation Center, our modernization toolkits ensure you not only receive the right solution at the right time, it ensures we deliver architecture that’s built to last.

From improving cost efficiencies to acting on new opportunities to be effective at mission, the sky is the limit with cloud. Yet agencies struggle to achieve the anticipated value from their cloud initiatives. An integrated strategy, backed by the experience to implement it, is needed to close the gap between aspiration and reality. We have developed Cloud suitability analytical techniques called Cloud Runways to develop a fit to purpose transformation roadmap that is incremental and adaptive to most unique agency requirements and constraints. We use our continuous delivery toolkit to deliver and validate migrated workloads for their effectiveness. 

  • Cloud Runways Toolkits – Set of discovery surveys and assessment tools to Identify target applications and assess dependencies to finalize suitable cloud migration playbooks and tasks
  • GoLean Continuous Delivery Toolkit – Enables DevSecOps teams to decouple a service deployment from its release so that they can manage feature roll out to users and observe its operational performance for reliability and efficiency post release

Agencies go all-in on a public cloud or take a hybrid cloud approach. We enable an agile and intelligent infrastructure to not only help agencies adapt to change quickly, also power innovation using the cloud. We apply the principle of software as a service model to enable agencies to use general-purpose cloud services to build specialized and managed cloud services that are purpose-built to agencies’ unique needs and fully meeting the federal security controls, making it easy for consumer organization to onboard their workloads and inherit controls implemented by the agency cloud platform. We exploit the benefits of advanced partnerships with cloud providers such as AWS and cloud native software providers such as RedHat, to develop expertise in our employees so they implement cloud-ready infrastructure that will unlock your vision and unleash unprecedented performance.

  • AWS Partnership – We are an Advanced Consulting partner with certified Government competency. We have 35+ AWS certified professionals with expertise across multiple cloud services.
  • RedHat Partnership – We have a 10-year association with RedHat with 180+ trained on its OpenShift and other cloud native open source software.

New cloud software and applications must be built to be adapt, just like your business is. It also needs to have compatible code that plays well with legacy systems. Our cloud engineering services brings our cloud native expert teams of specialized software engineers, architects and developers to solve intractable business problems in creative, unexpected and pragmatic way using cloud technologies. We have developed specialized toolkits, accelerators and starter kits to enable our cloud engineers to build Microservices and 12-Factor compliant cloud-native applications rapidly and effectively.   

  • Dxµ Microservices Toolkit – Enables Developers to rapidly develop microservices that applies hexagonal architecture and 12-Factor cloud native standards to build evolutionary cloud service

Our Experts

Senior Vice President

Badri Sriraman

Badri leads the Karsun Innovation Center which applies emerging technologies, empowers employee learning and drives excellence through reusable assets.

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Senior Director, Client Solutions

Samir Bham

Samir is responsible for adopting Cloud and DevSecOps practices for software delivery across programs at GSA, FAA, and FEMA at Karsun.

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DevSecOps Lead

Judewin Gabriel

Judewin drives CI/CD, security engineering, SRE, pipelines and observability excellence at Karsun.