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Karsun harnesses emerging innovations and experience from existing delivery engagements into a set of core capabilities through its Innovation Center. Karsun pursues several innovation initiatives to prototype current and real life business challenges using cutting edge technologies. Karsun provides opportunity and resources for our employees to participate in explorative initiatives that solve problems for customers using new methods, techniques, tools, and technologies.

The table below outlines our innovation center projects based on three core activities:

Identify Customer Problems

At the Karsun Innovation Center, we analyze known customer problems, current industry methods and new technology trends to identify a difficult problem and an innovative approach to attack it. We gauge the desirability of solving this problem for our current customers and prospective customers.

Innovate with Feasibility

We establish a team of participants from employees’ stated interests and employees who are between projects. We develop a two-week agile process for different phases of the initiative, such as ideation, prototyping and implementation.

Deliver on Operability

We develop a roadmap of different standalone innovation initiatives to develop a coherent story and trend. We allow employees to reuse work on delivery projects where there is appropriate context and benefits to the customer.

We partner with vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Tableau, and RedHat.   We work with innovative partners to bring together solutions to address large and complex problems. For example, one of our partners created an innovative approach in the field of patent search. We are working to adapt and modify the prototype to address similar problems in the acquisition domain for our GSA customer. In another example, Karsun has partnered with the University of Texas in Dallas to complete innovation prototypes on mobility enablement for customer specific problems.

Karsun synthesizes its collective experience with various technology platforms such as BPM (Appian), Cloud (Salesforce, Google, Amazon), and plain-old Java platforms into a white paper called “Platform Selection Framework” (white paper available upon request) that allows a reason-based, requirements-driven approach in the selection of technologies and platforms that best serve key architectural goals established within customer organizations.